Comments by former contractors and co-operating partners

Dr. Frithjof Schmidt
Member of the European Parliament, today member of the Bundestag

"rhondda offers such different services as professional concepts, cooperations of international project partners, and substantiated interpretations - each on he highest quality-level and from one single hand. This allows a target-oriented outsourcing of whole project packages while keeping co-operation efforts low. Absolutely recommendable".

Jean-François Caron, President
Association Bassin Minier Unesco, Loos-en-Gohelle (Northern France)

"rhondda is able to identify the particular and the universal values that lie within former industrial regions. From this base, rhondda broaches difference in inside and outside perspectives in an agreeably human fashion. rhondda helps you to redefine local and regional development strategies and to connect stakeholders with different interests around the realisation of common objectives".

Dr. Stefan Brüggerhoff, Director
German Mining Museum, Bochum

"In rhondda, subject-oriented and intercultural competence perfectly complement each other on the highest level. To move within several distinct languages and cultural contexts at ease like rhondda is a very special skill. Those who take advantage of this will be at advantage at their work".

Stuart B. Smith, former Secretary General
TICCIH – The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage

"Marion Steiner stands for excellent networking; she is friendly, reliable and consistently open-minded towards new ideas. I found my co-operation with Marion Steiner effective and enjoyable".


Awards and scholarships Marion Steiner

Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, 2006
Travel award to assist the US National Trust's Preservation Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2003/2004
Scholarship for the French Master's degree in Local Geopolitics in Paris

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 1998-2002
Scholarship for the German Diplom's degree in Geography in Berlin and in Valparaíso, Chile

Land North-Rhine Westfalia and Carl Duisberg Society, 1995/96
Travel award from the "Concrete Peace Work" programme to assist development projects in Southern Chile