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Ongoing projects (since 2011)

PhD at Bauhaus-University Weimar
Institut für Europäische Urbanistik, IPP "Urban Heritage"

Working title: "Re-thinking Berlin's industrial urban landscape from a global perspective: A critical interpretation of the intangible heritage of Berlin's public electricity supply."
Advisor: Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Max Welch Guerra
Download: Exposé (in German), pdf-file, 223 KB

Coordination of the "Berlin Center for Industrial Heritage" (BZI)
Setting up an open platform in Berlin for people engaged with industrial heritage, and development of a qualified tourism concept aiming at re-visualizing Berlin's industrial stories.
Employer: University of Applied Sciences, HTW Berlin
More information available on BZI's website (in German and English)

Concluded projects (selection)


Lecture on "Industrial Heritage and Cultural Re-use in Germany", Strasbourg
International Study Day, 16 October 2013, organised by Les Partenaires Culturels Européens de Strasbourg. Presentation in French, 60 minutes. The other presentations coming from Austria, Italy, Switzlerland, Russia and France. Invited by: Goethe Institut Strasbourg
Download: Programme, pdf-file, 6 MB


Study trip to Northern France with local politians from the Ruhr region
Topic: "Industrial Heritage and Regional Identity".

Concept, partner management, inter-regional financing, coordination, tour guide, interpretation
Ordered by: Heinrich Böll Foundation NRW
Download: Program, pdf-file, 622 KB


XIVth International TICCIH Congress "Industrial Heritage – Ecology & Economy" in Freiberg, Germany
1. Concept of one of the congress' sessions including field-trip: "Telling the whole story: New conceptual approaches to the understanding of landscapes and community development"
Download: Session Presentation in English, pdf-file, 22 KB
2. Coordination of the conference's core programme and English editing of the 2nd Call for papers
Ordered by: Technical University Mining Academy Freiberg, Ore Mountains

Two-days' study trip to the Ruhr with Jean-François Caron from the Green Party of Northern France
Idea, concept, organisation and interpretation. Creation of an inter-regional cooperation, visit to different Ruhr cities, with Frithjof Schmidt (MEP) and Bärbel Höhn (Member of the Bundestag).
Ordered by: The Green Party in the Ruhr: Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen Bezirksverband Ruhr


International discussion panel "Chance MMX – European Capital of Culture Ruhr2010:
The Ruhr on its way towards a European Metropolitan Region?"

Concept, project co-ordination and management, interpretation (German / French) and final documentation
Ordered by: Dr. Frithjof Schmidt MdEP (Member of European Parliament)
more information availabe (in German)


International one-day study trip on "Poverty in the First World" around the Ruhr region
Concept, organisation and guidance in German, English and Spanish.
With guests from Argentina, the Congo and the Philippines.
Ordered by: Institute for Theology and Politics (ITP), Münster


European Culture2000-Seminar of the MINEU-Project in La Unión, Spain
Presentation of the former coal-mining bassin of Northern France and its most important stakeholders
Quadrilingual negociation of the financial conditions of participating in the project
Representing Chantal Lamarre, Director of Culture Commune – Scène nationale (Northern France)

Three days' visit with political personalities from the Ruhr in Northern France
Concept, organisation, briefings and intercultural moderation (German / French)
Ordered by: Association Bassin Minier Unesco (Northern France)

Three days' international photographers' meeting in the former coal mining bassin of Northern France
Idea, concept, project co-ordination, public relations and intercultural assistance
Ordered by: Association Bassin Minier Unesco
Download: article in the local press 'Nord Eclair Artois', 27/28 March 2005 (in French, pdf-file, 2,92 MB)

Lectures on "Industrial Heritage and Regional Development in the Ruhr and the Bassin Minier"
Presentations with maps and photos and subsequent discussion panel
Ordered by: Université de Lille 3, Prof. Jean-François Eck


Two days' visit with a French delegation in the Ruhr
Idea, organisation of several meetings and of a field trip, intercultural asistance and interpretation
For: Association Bassin Minier Unesco