Publications (Selection)


Article "Industrial Heritage and Cultural Re-use in Germany - four examples." Contribution to the international Study Day on 16 October 2013 at École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg. Invited by the Goethe Institut Strassburg. Catalogue edited by Les Partenaires Culturels Européens de Strasbourg, 2013, pp. 2-5.
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Article "Can social networks work for conservation?" TICCIH Bulletin N°59, p. 4, 2013, ISSN 1605-6647
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Essay "Tracing the Invisible - Electropolis Berlin." Berlin only emerged as an industrial metropolis with the Electric Revolution. The new Berlin Center for Industrial Heritage (BZI) re-interprets the story of "Electropolis Berlin" from a global perspective, and develops new concepts and messages for industrial tourism. Published in "Selected Papers of the XVth International TICCIH Congress 'Post-colonialism and Re-interpretation of Industrial Heritage'", pp. 230-240, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taipei 2013.
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Essay "Industrial Heritage in Germany." How Industrial Heritage emerged and developped as an academic and professional discipline in Germany, and a critical reflection on the current state-of-the-art. Published in "Patrimonio Industriale", Magazine of the Italian Society for Industrial Archaeology AIPAI, Vol. October 2011, pp. 106-113. ISSN 2037-2353.
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Editorial "Telling the Whole Story: New conceptual approaches to the understanding of landscapes and community development." Introduction to session A4 of the XIVth International TICCIH Congress 2009 in Freiberg (Saxony), Germany. Published in "industrie-archäologie", Vol. 10, pp. 136-137 (Title Vol. 10: "Industrial Heritage – Ecology & Economy. Selected Papers." ISBN 978-3-934512-22-1.)
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Documentation of the 'Chance MMX' Conference: "Ruhr 2010 - European Capital of Culture: An Opportunity for Regional Social Cohesion." Published online by the German MEP Frithjof Schmidt.
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Article "Monuments and Perspectives: Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City." Published in "industrie-kultur," TICCIH-Germany's Industrial Heritage Magazine, edition 1/2008, pp. 43/44.
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Expertise "Intercommunal Co-operation and Culture-led Regeneration Policies in Northern France." Ordered by MEP Frithjof Schmidt in the framework of his 'Chance MMX' Conference. Published online.
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