Fields of engagement

rhondda stands for a contemporary, forward-looking concept of regional development. Our main topics are industrial heritage & culture, regional policies & community development, and qualified tourism. The connecting element is our focus on the social and cultural aspects of a regional society's transformation.

Industrial heritage deals with the stories and meanings people connect with their region's built environment and specific culture. Heritage work has to answer the question of what stories of the past should be handed on to the next generation, why and how. It is about the cultural significance of places and the value they present to their regional community.

Regional policies focused for a long time on the economic and environmental aspects of development in regions undergoing structural change. What we need today is a holistic and realistic vision that connects different communities inside our regions, redefines their place in an international context, gives local people hope and allows them to take an active part in the transformation process.

Qualified tourism interprets industrial regions as complex cultural landscapes in continuing evolution. As such, it not only has to assure public access to unusual places, but also make visitors experience and understand a region's special cultural identity within a universal, international context. After all, it is a region's people and communities who create their particular landscape.

rhondda offers

rhondda addresses diverse target groups such as political parties, single politicians, public institutions, tourism offices, cultural agencies, museums, scientific institutes, schools, NGOs, international organisations and regional business companies.

We provide high-quality in-depth analysis in the form of scientific expertise, input-papers, lectures, seminars and statements on discussion panels.

We help you develop ideas for international projects and write your proposals.

We assure the conceptual enhancement, coordination and management of projects up to their final documentation.

We conceive, organise and give multi-lingual guidance of and in international meetings, study trips and educational exchanges.

You can rely on us to build up new and enlarge your international networks.

We back your international work with translations, interpretations and intercultural moderation to make sure you understand the different cultural contexts and concepts underlying international debates and negociations in German, English, French and Spanish.

We also offer all modules independently from each other. Just contact us and ask.